‘2 Countries’ lacks in having engaging content

Movie: 2 Countries Director: N Shankar Cast: Sunil, Manisha Raj, Naresh, Sayaji Shinde

By Author  |  Published: 29th Dec 2017  7:12 pm
2 Countries
Sunil and Manisha Raj in '2 Countries'.

N.Shankar joining hands with actor Sunil for the movie ‘2 Countries’ generated much interesting buzz before release and now on the screens, the movie is out testing its entertainment values.

Coming up with a narration that operates at two different levels, it tells the story of a money-minded Ulhas (Sunil) and an alcoholic Laya (Manisha Raj). If Ulhas is all eager to become rich and tide over his financial situation then Laya has taken to alcohol depressed at the divorce of her parents. Two contrastingly different individuals indeed. But what if they get together and get married?

In the first half, the plot gets established in Venkatapuram, protagonist’s village, and stitches its way out to show the efforts of the hero at getting big money. However, these episodes come across as overly dramatic and gets prolonged in absence of engaging content.

In the second half, the narrative shifts to the US with an element of heroine’s alcohol addiction. Though the script seeks to find justifications for the situation, it is hampered by lack of required intensity.

Director N Shankar is known for his intensity filled emotions but this is what in some ways is missed in the movie. Some situations do end up throwing fun situations while placement of the songs comes as obstructions in the movie’s progress.

Acting wise, Sunil’s performance belies the expectations to some extent, female lead Manisha Raj impresses with her looks and a veteran at it, Naresh’s coming timing comes across as perfect.