Stealing hearts on small screen

VJ, anchor, actor, wife and mother -- Anasuya Bharadwaj sure dons many hats and wins many hearts.

By Author   |   Published: 7th Jan 2017   10:30 pm Updated: 8th Jan 2017   1:41 pm
Anasuya Bharadwaj

The world of glamour attracts many. Some succeed and some fail. Few carve a niche for themselves and others simply fade away. But only a few stride into the arc lights of entertainment world with confidence and elan, and not only register success, but ensure they stayed there.

In a highly competitive Telugu television industry, Anasuya Bharadwaj’s is one such rare tale of success. People who know the anchor-turned-actor from her early days in front of the camera, describe her as a decisive personality who is not only sure of her talent but also about what doesn’t work for her. No wonder, she plans every move with a clear mind.

For the impish anchor who won hearts with her infectious charm and impeccable presentation, the journey on television and then progress to the silver screen was not easy. Anasuya did don different caps to reach where she is now.

Her foray into the glamour world started as a music VJ for the show Morning Mantra and she scored immediate recognition for her looks. Those in the industry and early fans started referring to her as ‘Junior Anushka’. But then, for Anasuya with her natural flair to flirt with the camera, emerging on her own as a lead star on the telly, did not take much time.

“From my early days of television, I started getting offers for film roles. Some offers did appear interesting but I chose to stay on course and take big screen roles only if they have stuff and offer me a challenge,” recalls Anasuya.

Apart from being a VJ for a music channel, she also presented news for Sakshi TV where too, her anchoring won appreciation. But then, she has to move ahead. And as different opportunities kept coming her way, the MBA graduate with specialisation in HR kept her profile getting more and more attractive with shows such as Jabardasth, Maa Mahalakshmi, Boom Boom and now even getting more popular with the show A Date with Anasuya. A lot more happened in between, including shows such as Bindass.

The chirpy anchor slips snugly into her role while anchoring shows and dominates the proceedings. “I am the queen of my shows,” she does not hesitate to proclaim.

And when the silver screen kept beckoning repeatedly, Anasuya took the plunge and was seen in Akkineni Nagarjuna’s Soggade Chinni Nayana. But what came as a surprise for most was her cop’s role in Kshanam where she remained in control of proceedings with a neat portrayal and display of right emotions.

“There are more film offers now and most of them are a blend of the cop’s portrayal and Kshanam kind of roles. It will not work out again and hence I have become more picky and choosy,” she admits.

Shortly hitting the celluloid is the movie Winner in which she makes a cameo appearance and does a special song. “Some are asking me why I did the song in this film after having rejected similar options earlier. They will know it once they see the movie,” she says.

Anasuya describes it as a winner and a rare and different opportunity for an actor. “The song is in my name. How many others get such an opportunity,” she demands to know. A few other interesting initiatives for the big screen are on and the anchor-actor says they will be revealed at the right time. “A role has to mean something for me to accept. It should not be just another routine portrayal of a routine character”.

From telly to celluloid to being the most-favoured host for movie pre-launch/launch events and award presentation ceremonies, Anasuya hops around comfortably but her family remains her key priority. A mother of two, she says, “I count on my family’s support at every step.”

But how does she manage to juggle with so much activity? “I am just like any other working woman. Are there not so many working women who manage their work and family? The only difference here is my profession has high visibility,” she points out.

And with work that demands her to be in limelight constantly, one challenge is to effectively manage emotions and stay in control. For, like others, she can’t easily display upheavals of emotions when they happen. “Every time I manage them on my own, I feel like I have won a major battle,” signs off Anasuya Bharadwaj.