4 signs you are a shopaholic

Too many price tags in your wardrobe is not really a good sign.

By Author   |   Published: 21st Dec 2016   11:00 pm Updated: 26th Dec 2016   5:10 pm
Shopaholic confessions
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Have your friends been calling you a shopaholic lately? And you, being a shopaholic, fervently deny it? Well, here’s a simple guide to tell whether or not you’re one:

Too many twos
A cursory look through your wardrobe shows you have at least two pairs of each shade? Two blacks, two blues, two pinks, two greens? Too much. A classic sign of a shopaholic is that the person is insecure about losing or damaging her new dress or his new tie, which makes the person buy another piece of the same or similar garment. If you’ve been doing this, it’s time you slow down and listen to your friends. They might just be right.

You’re always borrowing
If the last week of each month sees you borrowing money, it could be that you are spending too much of your salary in the malls. Count how much money you need by week, to last the whole month, with a bit of savings too. Make it a point to not spend more than that amount per week – this will (hopefully) make you cut down on your unnecessary shopping.

You love it
Liking the experience of shopping is no problem, but obsessively loving the trips to the mall and the street bazaar means you are addicted to the idea of adding more stuff to your already stuffed cupboards. The next time your visit to a new shopping mall gives you an adrenaline rush, stop and calculate how much you have spent on shopping in the last one year. If the figure is absurdly huge, you could feel bad about it and hence feel less awesome about the next shopping spree.

You have 4 credit cards
Why? Why would you have too many credit cards when you know even one has the potential to spell doom for your savings account. Stick to just one credit card, and that too if you can’t do without it.
PS: Don’t hate us too much. We only want the best for you.