81-year-old patient is first in Hyderabad to get world’s smallest pacemaker

By   |  Published: 31st Oct 2017  7:27 pmUpdated: 31st Oct 2017  8:00 pm
Hyderabad: Continental Hospitals on Tuesday claimed to be the first hospital in the city to implant the world’s smallest pacemaker, which is the size of a large vitamin capsule, in a 81-year-old patient with bradycardia.
The surgery was performed by Bharat V Purohit, chief of Interventional Cardiology of the hospital. “The 81-year-old had a slow heartbeat (Sick Sinus Syndrome) and was suggested a pacemaker. This new leadless pacemaker is implanted through the leg. It attaches directly to the walls of the heart and gives electrical signals for maintaining a normal heart rate,” Dr. Purohit said in a press release. 
He said that the new pacemaker was entirely MRI compatible and could adjust the heart rate according to the patient’s activity and needs of the body.