A Baby’s Day Out sans the humour

Film: Pihu; Director: Vinod Kapri; Cast: Myra Vishwakarma, Prerna Sharma

By Author  |  Published: 17th Nov 2018  12:02 am

First off, the fact that the director managed to pull off a feature length film with only one actor is something to be appreciated. That the movie is highly entertaining can be the second point.

The movie starts off with cute animated visuals of childlike drawings with dialogues in the background. It is the eponymous character Pihu, in whose birthday there are guests having a great time with the child. The movie starts the next morning, Pihu wakes up and like any other toddler, tries to wake her mom up only to realise the mother is unresponsive.

It goes on uneventfully, the child plays with her toys, plays with her mom’s lipstick, balloons from the previous night keep popping every now and then and it’s all cute, till Pihu gets hungry. After this, the movie becomes exactly what the trailer suggests, every parent’s worst nightmare as this toddler is running around in a house completely unsupervised.

Every minute of this movie induces nail-biting anxiety in the viewers as the child turns the stove on to heat a roti, mistakes cleaning fluid for milk, gets into a fridge and accidentally shuts the door on herself. The film gives viewers a masochistic thrill with the anxiety it induces and there are many moments when the viewers just want to scream ‘NO’ to the child.

This film can also be a parenting lesson to new or wannabe parents about the potential dangers that can lie around in the house and the precautions one needs to take to keep their children safe in cases of emergencies.

Apart from Pihu’s googoo-gaagaa way of speaking, there are unseen voices heard as neighbours speak and it adds to the mood of the film. That the director managed to come up with an entire movie having only a toddler on camera is highly commendable. There are moments where the editing seems shoddy, like the scenes where Pihu magically appears cleaned and washed and it could have probably be shortened to an extent.

In a nutshell, Pihu can be termed as Baby’s Day Out without the humour but it is just as entertaining as that.