A beautiful night of open music

Backyard Musical by Tangy Sessions brings artistes from different corners in one place.

By Author  |  Published: 16th Jan 2017  10:00 pmUpdated: 17th Jan 2017  5:06 pm

It was an evening high on music. Not the first-of-its-kind, but a unique amalgamation of music was witnessed by city folk on Sunday at the backyard of Rock Castle. From melodious tracks to mash-ups, the singers amped up energy levels of the crowd that had gathered for a Tangy Sessions event called Backyard Musical.

The idea of the show was to bring talents in music from across the world at one place, not just to perform at their best, but also to make music in tandem with each other. Artistes came from as far as Singapore and Australia.

Settled on the floor on cotton cots, the audience thoroughly enjoyed this kickass musical night. And, the performers did not disappoint them. The night started off with Arpit Chourey’s untitled brand new song which he penned down just last week. Giving the evening a perfect start with his warm and mellow voice, Arpit went on to sing a few cover songs and then some of his original compositions, all of which were loved by the audience.

The high-spirited audience applauded and encouraged the artistes whenever they took the stage. Enjoying the evening, they did not have any clue of what was lined up for them after Arpit’s outstanding performance. To their surprise, a bunch of singers took to stage with some amazing mash-ups. Gopika Jairam along with Vishruti Bindal performed a much-loved fusion of O Re Piya and Rolling in the deep. Lifting the mood of the music buffs, the magic of this unique amalgamation continued for the rest of the evening.

For the people who were still entranced by the fusion performance, the chota packet bada dhamaka, a 19-year-old Sagar Shastri, came as a surprise. He introduced himself as a person who loves philosophy, which made the audience burst into laughter.

Brushing the jokes aside, he grabbed the attention of the audience with his first indie rock composition on demonetisation, titled Dudde Dodappa, followed by a couple of others. Though the audience could not understand the meaning of the lyrics, they thoroughly enjoyed his high and low notes on the guitar chords.

The other artistes performed on their solo original compostions, along with some jugalbandis, which were loved by the audience. It was not just the vocalists who stole the show, but Huich Goh, a western classical violinist, Steve Schofield – Soprano and Didgeridoo artiste and Rahul Singh, an Indian classical percussionist also made their mark. It was the perfect synchronization of these strangers-turned-friends that made the evening possible.