A decent, affordable alternative for AirPods

A review of Toshiba RZE-BT800E Cord Free Wireless Earbuds

By   |  Published: 1st Jun 2019  10:20 pm

How many times have you frantically searched for your headphones when you get a phone call or have untangled a chord for a long time just to listen to music? Ever since the iPhone maker, Apple, launched its AirPods in 2016, wireless earphones have become the most popular accessory in India. Moreover, its demand has shot up significantly as per the market statistics.
The only major drawback of the AirPods in Indian markets is its price range.

Getting to the bottom of this problem, many inconspicuous Chinese brands got into the picture by launching their own wireless earbuds. Nevertheless, nothing was as good as Apple’s magical product. But, recently, Japanese electronics brand Toshiba has come out with its RZE-BT800E true wireless earbuds in the Indian market. These Cord Free True Wireless Earbuds are easy to charge, wear and carry anywhere. Along with a sleek and fitted product design, these earbuds are extremely comfortable and their convenient features help a user to stay connected to their phone, without the bulky gaucheness of phone jacks and wires.

Specifications & design

Toshiba’s product box contains the earbuds that come packed with a plastic charging case, a micro-USB charging cable, a user manual and three pairs of rubber ear tips of different sizes. Each earbud weighs about 5 grams, is lightweight and looks highly long-lasting. However, the charging case does not look that sturdy as the opening plastic flap of the case may break if it falls on the floor from some height.

The lightweight charging case is a small capsule-shaped box which weighs about 40 grams. It is made completely of plastic that is gleaming and thus may show some smudges, on using. It is backed by a 450mAh battery and the earbuds have an individual battery capacity of 50mAh each. The charging case can draw in a maximum current of 400mA and provide 120mA of current for charging the earbuds.

Moreover, the earbuds are sweat and water-resistant. There are two small light displays on each earbud, one indicates the connectivity, the other blinks in red if the battery levels go down. After the use, the earbuds fit inside the respective slots in the charging case magnetically. The wireless earbuds have been launched in two colour variants, i.e., Black and White.


The earbuds work with a Bluetooth device. Pairing and connecting to a Bluetooth device is quick during the first few times, but, after that, some connection problems were faced. The volume of the music playing device has to be intensified up to beyond 50% for a clear listen with these Toshiba headsets. The Bluetooth connectivity of the Toshiba earbuds is strong. When using a smartphone, it is about 5-6 metres. Beyond that, the connectivity breaks off though not permanently, as it gets connected immediately when they are back inside the range.


It is highly recommended that a user’s playlist is made of tracks recorded in 320kbps and above, if they are going to using the Toshiba earbuds. YouTube playlists will not always sound that well on these headsets. It is advisable to listen to songs on these headsets with music services like Apple Music, Spotify, and Wynk where higher bit-rate files are available. All in all, there is a very clear and crisp production of the vocals, the mids sound right too but the bass in the tracks feels non-existent at various parts. With electronic music, the output felt more balanced.

RZE-BT800E Cord

The earbuds give their best performance if a user is listening at volume levels between 70-90 on a smartphone and 60-80 on a laptop. Unlike Apple’s AirPods, the music won’t stop if a user takes out one ear bud from their ears. Moreover, the ears won’t hurt after using these earbuds for a long time. The only visible drawback seems to be that the earbuds do not come equipped with a noise cancellation technology and the only solution to this is listening to them on high volumes, which will mostly cover the outside conversations.

Battery life

The earbuds are accompanied with a 50mAh battery each, which takes about 2 hours to charge from the charging case. The easiest way to charge the earbuds through the charging case is through the laptop.

A few drawbacks would be that the micro-USB charging cable could have been a bit lengthier as, sometimes, a user would need a power source other than a laptop to charge it with. Moreover, when the earbuds are charging, the indication light is red, but, as they are fully charged, there is no change in light. The battery of the Toshiba earbuds goes up for 3-4 hours, on full charge.

Pricing & availability

 Toshiba RZE-BT800E Cord Free Wireless Earbuds

The Toshiba Cord free RZE-BT800E is available on Amazon India, Flipkart and through offline stores. They are priced at Rs 7,999 and could be purchased for Rs 5,950 on all the online portals.All in all, the earbuds are lightweight and durable but are not loud enough at volumes below 50%. The battery life of the earbuds could have been 2-3 hours longer, as a user might take calls as well, while listening to music. It also displayed some connection issues. Overall, at an affordable price of Rs 7,999, these earbuds work out well for the listeners of EDM, Pop, songs from the Indian music industry and more because of its spotless audio quality.