A flower a day peps up the mood

Turns out, we are just a one beautiful flower away from enhancing our state of mind

By   |  Published: 20th May 2019  8:57 pm

The hi-tech and fast-paced life we lead needs a nature’s touch. Apart from the other essentials, flowers are something that are known for their positive effects and are the simplest way to improve emotional health.

Explore these flowers and their hidden benefits.


Petal stories

Daisies are simple, beautiful and commonly available flowers. They are known for their long vase life, so that means these flowers are bound to keep you cheerful for two whole weeks. That’s right, daisies are also known for lifting up the mood and create a cheery vibe around them.


Tulips… the exotic and gentle beauties! The fact that tulips are seasonal flowers gives them the tag of being welcoming and warmth. These flowers also symbolise new beginnings. Well, now you know what flowers to keep close the next time you are up to starting something new.


Hands down, roses are the most beloved flowers of all times. There are too many mythologies and symbolisms that surround this classic flower. Popularly known for being the symbol of love, these flowers are known for bringing comfort and happiness in both happy and sad moments.


Petal stories

Orchids with their vibrant hues will add a pop of cheer to your home. Try bringing these flowers home during gloomy days to introduce positive energy. Orchids are known for cleaning the air at night. So, they are one of the rare flowers that contribute to your overall well-being.


These little flowers are yet again one of the easiest flowers to care for. Their fragrance acts as a major mood booster and along with introducing positivity, they also add a little drama to the whole setting.