A jack of many arts

It’s the thunderous applause from the audience that drives theatre artiste and film buff Ramdas Kamat.

By   |  Published: 19th May 2019  12:50 amUpdated: 18th May 2019  5:20 pm

This 56-year-old is a writer, movie enthusiast, playwright, and an artiste; and he managed to earn all these titles while being a bank employee and teaching faculty at SBI. Meet Ramdas Kamat who has captured everybody’s attention with his latest performance ‘Filmi Duniya Ke Dada Log’ which was presented   on the occasion of 150th birth anniversary of Dadasaheb Phalke.

The aim of this event was to throw light on all those lesser-known Dadasaheb Phalke Award winners. The show has received a lot of accolades from the audience and that’s how the city got introduced to this magnificent artiste. Ramdas Kamat elaborates on his tryst with plays and beyond.

Drama fever

I have been involved in drama ever since I can remember and all the credit must go to my mother. She was the one who always forced me to participate in each and every drama competition that happened around us. My mother made efforts to get me to the venue; she would also make sure that I attended all the practice sessions as well. And, no, she wasn’t somebody who was interested in the drama per se but she did push me on to the stage. She is the first person to recognise and encourage my stage talent.

Filmy buff

While drama has my heart, movies are something that held on to my soul. I watch too many movies and I watch them with much passion. This love for the movies is what led to my first audio-visual performance in Hyderabad – ‘Woh Bhooli Daastaan’. Also, it’s the applause of the audience that gives me the ultimate rush. This is one of the reasons I stuck to being an actor.


I am a voracious reader; there wouldn’t be a day which passes without reading a book. I especially love reading biographies, while getting to know behind-the-scenes titbits of successful personalities inspires me like nothing else does. There is something about those struggles behind all the glam and fame that helps me in pushing myself to do more. This reading habit nurtured the writer in me. Initially, it started with writing letters to the newspapers and, then, I continued to write columns regularly. Now, I am the author of six books and I am working on the seventh.


Hyderabad is home

Though I have spent my entire life in Mumbai, I consider Hyderabad my home and I am a proud 5-year-old Hyderabadi. The best part about the city is that it’s much more organised and the kind of transformation it has gone through in these five years is impeccable. Be it the metro, the traffic rules, or the friendly police, everything happens in this city with a certain ease. Also, people in Mumbai always seem to be in a rush and I don’t feel like going back to chaos. I wish I could just stay back in Hyderabad.

Next in pipeline

I’m preparing for another show which is scheduled to happen on August 14. This show is based on all the war films starting from Haqeeqat to Uri: The Surgical Strike and the focus would be more on the wars and the people on whom the characters are based. The goal is to narrate the real war stories with a filmy touch. I will also be performing in a play called Shaadi ke Laddu which is written and directed by me. I’m also planning to do make a short film which is like my dream project.