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Krishna Karthik comes up with coco peat as an alternative for soil to grow plants

By Author  |  Published: 7th Sep 2019  8:18 pm
Krishna kartik

With a strong desire to grow plants but without spoiling the walls and floors of his abode is Krishna Karthik who grows plants using coco peat, instead of soil. Coco peat is made out of coconut husk which is a very helpful alternative to soil for many purposes.

By growing plants using coco peat, the young man has initiated his start-up called MahaGro where he also sells this potting mix. “It all started for my house. As we stay in an apartment, soil in pots became hard to maintain as we don’t want to spoil walls and floors in my flat. I just did this out of passion but, now, it became my profession.” says this MahaGro owner.

Karthik’s agriculture start-up sold 17,000 bags of odourless, soil-less mix made of coco peat, vermiculite and organic fertilizer to customers in 110 cities across India. Also, he claims to be the only one doing coco peat potting in India.

Karthik stood apart because of the unique concepts related to nature and made a smart move by selling his products through Amazon, Facebook and Google Ads. Karthik’s mother, a mathematics lecturer, also chipped in and supported the project and shared the struggles of making the ends meet with her son.

Talking about coco peat, Karthik explains, “It is very easy for planting at home as it is just peat. It holds water very well and you don’t have lose sleep over the stains that the soil-based pots leave on the walls and flooring. Also, coco peat retains water very well, you can water the plants for just a couple of times in a week.”

“The organic material slowly releases fertilizer that protects the plant. Moreover, absence of soil reduces the scope of attacks by soil-borne diseases; also, there is no scope for growth of weeds,” adds the environment lover.

The organic substitute promises three times more growth than that of regular soil. Around 30,000 potting mix users say it minimises soil-borne diseases, pests and weed growth.Apart from potting mixes, Karthik also sells organic fertilizer, organic pest control, grow bags for plants, etc., in his online store MahaGro. For any kind of purchases, please visit https://www.mahagro.com/.

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