A steamy affair at Westin Hyderabad

It was all about Dim sums at this one-of-a-kind spread

By Author  |  Published: 13th Feb 2018  11:21 pmUpdated: 14th Feb 2018  1:05 am

The chefs at Westin have mastered the culinary art and absolutely understand the current food trends. Their monthly food festivals are designed around focusing on a certain kind of dish to let their guests indulge in many varieties, but of the same kind.

From February 16 to 26, they will be hosting Dim sum festival at their restaurant – The Mix. An array of tasty vegetarian, non-vegetarian, seafood and sweet Dim sums are going to make it difficult for people to choose from.

For the meat lovers, the Duck Dim sum and Prawn dumplings hit all the right notes of the palate. The spread promises an equal, if not more, choice for the vegetarians too — with Black Fungi and Glutinous rice being the heroes among the veg Dim sums.

Combine this delicious and steaming hot food with dips of your choice and it’s a match made in heaven. Black bean sauce, hot chilli, peanut and cilantro are some of the different dips that go well with them.

Not far behind are the sweet treats. Roasted sesame and jaggery, Coconut and glutinous rice, and Deep fried tofu sesame are the three dishes for desserts which take care of the sweet cravings and round off your meal on a pleasant note.

A well-designed menu with an apt title — Dimsum Devotion is sure to live up to its expectations.