A trendy tie-up to keep

Tiny a piece of cloth it may be, but a tie can make and break your look

By Author  |  Published: 11th Jan 2018  11:31 pmUpdated: 11th Jan 2018  7:40 pm

Tying a tie is indeed an art in itself, which is followed by further intricacies such as choosing the right tie, pairing it with the outfit and accessories, as well as carrying it well. Tiny a piece of cloth it may be, but it has the potential to make as well as break your whole look. Keep these basic things in mind and your tie-up with ties will go a long way.

Proper tie

Width of the tie plays an important role and the ideal width depends on one’s body type, the shirt and suit, among others. Do not blindly go after what is trending. Keep the picture of the entire outfit in mind while picking a tie.

Well-tied tie

Bringing the best tie in won’t suffice. You also need to learn how to tie the tie properly, or at least take the right guidance. A lousily tied tie will not only look bad but will also reflect badly on your personality. The knot should come out perfect and the length should reach the buckle of the belt, or just above, ideally.

Colours & patterns

It is crucial to ensure that the colour and the patterns in the tie do not clash with your shirt or suit. If you are confused, play it safe by wearing dark-coloured ties, or go for a white shirt, that almost always complements any colour or pattern of tie.


It is also important to choose the tie according to the occasion. While you can explore with accessories such as tie-clips and bars, tie pins, and tie chains, make sure you do not overdo it. Moreover, keep the tie clean and neatly ironed.