ABCD, a game changer for Allu Sirish

The actor who has high hopes riding on the Malayalam remake gets talking about his choices and the character resonating with his real life

By Author  |  Published: 15th May 2019  8:06 pmUpdated: 16th May 2019  12:43 pm
Allu Sirish
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Allu Sirish is someone who has a fair bit of knowledge about how the Telugu movie industry works. Yet his movies, excluding Srirastu Subhamastu and Kotha Janta, didn’t make a dent at the box office. “I don’t want to try anything new. I don’t want to be in that zone of breaking monotony. Personally, I like family dramas and love stories. And, my last movie Okka Kshanam didn’t work out for me,” Allu Sirish says ahead of the release of ABCD – ‘American Born Confused Desi’.

A Telugu remake of Malayalam blockbuster ABCD, it went on floors sometime in June last year. It was initially scheduled for release in February, 2019, but got delayed later. “We might have used 10 scenes from the original movie which has no place for a female lead. The villain’s character was rewritten completely. Working ‘remakes’ aren’t easy at all,” he says. The script underwent several changes after suggestions made by the actor’s closest friends in the industry- BVS Ravi, Krishna Chaitanya and Pawan.

Does the film have any political twist to it? “There is a small political track. However, it is not a social drama. The political touch helps the protagonist’s transformation,” he says.

Clashes with Allu Arvind

Connecting with the character in ABCD, Allu Sirish admits that he also had banter with his father Allu Arvind. “I was raised seeing people riding sports cars in Jubilee Hills. I thought maybe, I can also get such a car. I’m thankful that my father didn’t give into my demands. He told me he would give a few lakhs of rupees and asked me to earn the remaining money myself to afford my dream car Mitsubishi Outlander which even later I could not afford. By the time I could afford it, I learnt how hard it is to earn money,” he laughs.

Life lessons

Allu Sirish

Having spent three years studying Mass Communication in Mumbai, Allu Sirish shared how he used to travel in a city bus from Versova to National College and use his savings to spend it on clothes.

“When I was doing the filmmaking course in New York Film Institute, I stayed in iDream Media founder Vasudeva Reddy’s house to save my rental expenses, so that I could use my savings when I returned. Those years changed me as a person,” he says.

After passing out from college, Allu Sirish even refused an offer an English daily, as he could not spend three hours travelling from his residence to the office in Mumbai. When he is not shooting, he likes to spend his time reading and skimming through the pages of self-help books. Among the list are — Many Lives and Many Masters, Law of Attraction and The Secret. “I’m not interested in Vedanta or spirituality. The last book I read was Story by Robert McKee which talks about substance, structure and principles of screenwriting. It helped me in judging good scripts in my way,” he signs off.