Add a burst of colour to your boring bedroom

By Author   |   Published: 9th Jun 2017   11:00 pm Updated: 9th Jun 2017   11:07 pm

Your bedroom is inarguably the first thing you see when you wake up and the last thing you see as you fall asleep. As your personal sanctuary, it deserves your undivided attention when it comes to decorating. Colours are an essential part of any décor and an excellent way to give new life to an old bedroom. So whether you’re a fan of bright pops of colour or the subtle elegance of muted tones, these inspiring colour ideas by us will transform your bedroom from boring to beautiful in no time!

Be Bold

Showcase your inner boldness with coloured furniture to achieve the perfect bright, cheery and artistic room. The use of a few bold, striking colours will turn your bedroom into a pop art painting. Basic patterns such as stripes and polka dots provide more dimension to the solid block of colours. There will never be a boring day in a bedroom such as this.

Let The Sun In

What can be better than a room that is as bright as the sun itself? Yellow is the perfect colour to lift up your spirits and grey complements it wonderfully to create the happiest, most fashionable colour scheme of all.

Winter Wonderland

Turn your bedroom into a winter wonderland with a snowy, all-white theme. Mix a few different shades of white and some hints of black to create a dreamy, soothing feel for your bedroom.

Garden Inside Bedroom

Florals are versatile and come in a variety of shapes, sizes, designs and colours which makes them easy to work with. Pair it up with garden greens to achieve the feel of a garden in spring. You can also feature a variety of beautiful blooms in your bedroom to create the theme that suits your personality best. From big bold coloured flower to understated vintage florals, the possibilities are endless.

Let The Waves Roll In

Bring the beach to your bedroom with a gorgeous theme consisting of sea foam green, watery shades of blue and sandy white. Pair it with sophisticated furniture and have a nice relaxing time at the beach every day.

Relax Around Neutrals

Your bedroom doesn’t have to be bold to be eye-catching. A combination of neutrals with splashes of bright colours like a decorative piece or artwork can help create an elegant, understated bedroom you can truly relax in.

A Striking Contrast

Your room doesn’t need to be conventional, step out of the box by keeping the walls white and adding colour with the help of your furniture and accessories. A deep shade like blue, green or red works beautifully with an all-white background to create a stark contrast that is eccentric yet sophisticated.

Pick A Personal Palette

If the traditional palettes don’t catch your fancy then why not make one of your own? Mix the colours you think will go well together to create a truly unique set of colours to proudly display in your bedroom. The possibilities are endless, take inspiration from existing palettes and choose the colours which define you best.

Choosing a colour scheme to suit your room and your style is not easy when there are so many choices. The key achieving the perfect one is experimenting. Keep in mind that your walls, furniture and accessories are all part of your arsenal while coming up with a colour scheme. So play with colours and have a good time creating the sanctuary you have always dreamed of.

Shruthi Madhuri
Interior Designer
Rever Design Studio
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