Addiction to jokes is a disorder

Rare disorder makes one jest and revel in merriment constantly

By Author  |  Subha Priyadarshini  |  Published: 14th Aug 2018  7:37 pm

Don’t we all wish the world was surrounded by people with a great sense of humour? People having an impulse to tell jokes all the time or crack the lamest of puns at any hour of the day have a name—joke addicts.

Witzelsucht, meaning ‘joking addiction’ in German, is the medical term used to address a condition that makes people prone to being and finding things funny. Jesting for these people is pathological. People with this disorder have the tendency to tell jokes and make up puns in the most inappropriate of social situations.

The rare brain disorder is caused by damage in the frontal lobe of the brain, most commonly due to trauma. The patients, however, are not oblivious to this anomaly. While they completely understand their condition, they choose to ignore the reactions of their peers (who need to be extremely patient).

Owing to the striking similarities to the behaviour of Joker from Batman, this neurological disease is also known as the Joker’s syndrome.