‘Adhugo’ throws all logic into the bin

Film: Adhugo; Director: Ravi Babu Cast: Ravi Babu, Nabha Natesh, Abhishek Varma, Vijay Sai Producer: Suresh Babu

By Author  |  Published: 9th Nov 2018  9:26 pm

Coming from Ravi Babu, a movie with a piglet as a protagonist doesn’t seem too surprising.

It starts off with a pig (voice by Rajendra Prasad), telling his son about the dangers of going onto the highway, narrating the story of Bunty, a piglet from a village near Vijayawada. This piglet was captured by a couple of thugs and later is snatched by different thugs and is couriered to Hyderabad. By a twist of fate, it ends up in the hands of Abhi (Abhishek Varma) who is desperately trying to win back his love interest, Raaji, by gifting her a puppy. Along the way, there is gangster, Sixpack Shankar (Ravi Babu), and his rivals who are after the piglet for different reasons.

Logic is thrown into a far away trashcan in the first few minutes of the film and it stays there. There are four or five sub-plots which confuse the viewer sometimes but once things start falling into place, the film is decently enjoyable.

The scenes and sets remind one of Ravi Babu’s earlier films like Nachavule and the plot is a pretty much run-of-the-mill caper comedy with the male lead and his love interest caught in the middle of chaos that they would rather run in the opposite direction. The basic outline of the story isn’t new but the subtle plot elements are interesting. A Ravi Babu film having a cliched story is a disappointment.

The slapstick comedy scenes casually thrown into the narrative get rid of the gripping thriller that the story had the potential to be. The chases, the fights, the piglet’s fear and agony, all could have been more interesting. Especially the scenes which are supposed to evoke sympathy for the piglet.

The film also seems to have a fetish for killing people as the death toll in this seems to exceed a war film. If the viewers have nothing else to do and just want some plain simple laughs, then this movie would be fine as it offers just that.

As far as the performances are concerned, Ravi Babu is at his sinister yet comic best and is fun to watch as he plays this caricatured six pack obsessed gangster who works out constantly. Abhishek and Nabha seem very amateurish and it seems as if the director who previously worked with many newcomers wasn’t able to extract the maximum from the actors. The child who plays Bunty’s owner does a commendable job in comparison to the lead actors.

If there’s one thing that is to be commended about this film, it is how the makers managed to create the CGI animals in their low budget. For the budget that this film was made on, the graphics are decent and convincing.

Overall, this is a decent film to watch for slapstick lovers.