Adopting a yogic lifestyle

The most commonly seen fitness practice around the globe is yoga, and here's why

By Author  |  Dheeraja Manvi  |  Published: 1st Jan 2018  11:25 pmUpdated: 1st Jan 2018  7:46 pm

New year, new start and new resolutions. Everyone has a fitness or health section as part of their resolutions. Everybody has his/her own definition for fitness, it might be a healthy diet or strenuous workout or spiritual yoga. The most commonly seen fitness practice around the around the globe is ‘yoga’.

So, is yoga all about the mat, comfortable clothes and a picturesque backdrop?

There are many spiritual leaders who preach yoga as a form of lifestyle and not just part of one’s routine. Yoga is an experience and it has many dimensions. It helps explore yourself, find peace and, of course, keeps you fit.

Here are a few points to get started on this mystic journey:

The inception

The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. Start with simple asanas at home. The best part of yoga is there is nothing which can go wrong and it is not only about the twisted asanas. Yoga also involves various aspects such as meditation. And there is no rule such as to practise yoga only in the mornings. You can do it whenever and wherever.

Expert help

As you immerse yourself into this yogic world, you will need a helping hand to lead you further after a certain point. There are many yoga trainers and centres to give you guidance. Approach them to make yoga part of your daily routine.

Eating habits

As mentioned earlier, yoga is not just about asanas; it is also about the way you lead your life and how you perceive things. Science also agrees with the fact that food influences the mental health. So, it is recommended to have a healthy diet and also fasting once in a while.

Remember any lifestyle change takes time to imbibe and get used to the new way of living. Do not rush into it. It is not possible to turn yourself into a yogi overnight. Yogic practices are all about peace, patience and love.