Adulteration units to be geotagged

Data on errant manufacturing facilities to be compiled with photographs and location.

By Author  |  Y Sravan Kumar & C Romeo   |  Published: 12th Jul 2017  11:46 pmUpdated: 12th Jul 2017  11:51 pm
Adulteration Units

Hyderabad: After cracking down on those engaged in adulteration of various food products, the Cyberabad police is going one step further to ensure that the units that were sealed are not used again for such nefarious activities. Plans are afoot to digitally map the geographical locations of such units and to geotag them so that they can be monitored on a regular basis.

Assistant Commissioner of Police – Cyber Crime S Jayaram said the procedure of mapping the geographical locations of crime spots identified during the crackdown on food adulteration was on so as to help the police keep a tab on them.

“This is not a new procedure since we used to geotag accident spots earlier. But it is being used in adulteration cases for the first time,” he said.

Data on manufacturing units sealed or against whom action was initiated on charges of adulteration will be compiled with photographs and location and shared with all Station House Officers. Instructions will also be issued to keep a physical surveillance on these spots. Blue Colts and patrol teams are usually given a daily schedule of places to visit and from now on, the geotagged adulteration units too will be part of that schedule, the ACP said.

“The teams will visit those places as part of routine security checks conducted during the day and night as well. If anything is found suspicious, the teams will alert the police station concerned,” he said.

The teams will have to be careful on other aspects as well, a senior official said, indicating that raids on some adulteration units were not that safe since some of the gangs involved in the trade were quite dangerous, with some being armed and using muscle power to escape from the police. Many of the raids held were quite a risky affair, he said.

Crackdown to continue

Hyderabad: The Hyderabad City Police, who have been on an intense crackdown on adulterated food products across the city, are in no mood to stop.

Back-to-back raids have been conducted in recent times, with Task Force officials stating that the crackdown would continue. Telangana DGP Anurag Sharma too has issued instructions to keep the heat on those involved in the business, with the Task Force officials now focusing on curbing the sale of adulterated food products apart from manufacture of the same.

Earlier, Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao too had asked the police to take measures to control adulterated food that was affecting public health.

“There were back-to-back raids on units involved in adulteration and teams from all zones raided all illegal and unhygienic units over the last one-and-a-half months,” a senior Task Force official said.

About 80 cases were booked during this period in Hyderabad. People running illegal units were

arrested and such businesses were shut down.
“Most of the major adulterated units in the city have been raided and closed. Smaller businesses and units too will be raided. The raids will not stop here. We will continue to raid them at regular intervals,” the official said.

Police, after arresting those involved in the trade, have booked cases under sections 420 (Cheating), 272 (Adulteration of food or drink intended for sale), 273(Sale of noxious food or drink) of the Indian Penal Code and relevant sections of the Food Safety and Standards Act.