‘After Life’ mirrors life’s varied hues

Netflix series carries the quintessential Ricky Gervais style of humour, observation

By Author  |  Published: 23rd Mar 2019  7:05 pm

Ricky Gervais is a man of many talents. Known for being an observational comic, brilliant writing and great acting runs, Gervais is back at his game again. In the Netflix original After Life, he plays Tony, a grieving husband who lost his wife to breast cancer. He watches videos of his late wife, who coaches him to be a better person. But Tony is a man who would rather keep his loves — his wife and his dog — closer and shut the door on the world.

The story embodies awareness of human suffering and beautifully celebrates it in every possible way. We get to see the good, the bad and the ugly side of life, never once feeling that After Life is a drag.

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The tale is a gripping one, laced with hefty doses of dark humour. Ricky Gervais does what he does best here – bridging differences and showing people that share commonalities in the unlikeliest of ways.

A very topical take on how a man copes with loss, After Life is a brilliantly written masterpiece, making you feel connected to every character there is on the show. However, it would have served its purpose better as a movie.