Ageless and unconventional: The Saree charm

Over the years, sari blouses have undergone some major makeovers.

By Author   |   Published: 22nd Dec 2016   11:00 pm Updated: 26th Dec 2016   5:08 pm
Bollywood Actress Sonam Kapoor flaunts her unique saree style. Source: By Arrangement

If flaunting unconventional saree blouses was a sport, Sonam Kapoor would have been the champion. She has stolen the show many a time with her unique taste in fashion and has inspired many, to take that step out of the box. The six yards of sheer elegance has gone several levels up with some major makeovers in the blouses. Here are some of the most trending designs.

• Jacket
Jacket blouses are not only revolutionising the ramps, but also special occasions. It has a variety under the shoulder, starting from crop tops to full-sleeve blouses. When usually it is worn like the typical blouse, sometimes it is also worn over the sari to add a quirky touch.

• Chinese collar
If you want to give your saree a formal touch, this is the design you should go after. With experiments in fabric and decorations, it can also be sported for occasions. The design gives you a bold and confident look.

• High neck
High neck is yet another major trendsetter. The design went viral and was sported not only by celebrities, but also by common people. The design branched out to further experiments with collar neck, full sleeve, boat-shaped neck and so on. Flaunted by actors like Rekha back in the 80’s, the design is still doing the rounds and seems like it’s here to stay.

• Sleeves
The sleeves of the blouses have travelled lengths in time. While sleeveless was the rage once, now full-length or three-fourth length are the most popular trends.

• Off-shoulder
This is one of the earliest makeovers the blouses went through. This style has sustained the times and tides of industry, and still remains an all-time favourite. The design suits the best when you want to pull off an elegant look.

Now you know how to grab attention and garner compliments while sporting a saree.