All about Indian food and wine combos

Try these Indian food and wine combos to savour some real flavours

By   |  Published: 3rd Feb 2018  11:24 pmUpdated: 3rd Feb 2018  9:27 pm

Most people think that Indian food and wine are a big no-no. But, there are some combinations that can make you drool. And people who really enjoy some spicy food are the one who opts for these combos.

Usually, food critics suggest teas and beers with Indian flavours, but wine can definitely give them a tough competition. Once you give it a try, you will not be disappointed. So, here are some pairings that a must try.

Creamy curries and Riesling

Indian cuisine is loaded with creamy curries. And most people get worried about pairing wine with any gravy. This is because of the strong flavours these curries have. But, there is a solution to this. You can always choose a wine that is as strong as the curry. This way, you will be able balance out the flavours. You can opt for Riesling with any kormas or tikka masalas. They go well with light red wines and richer white wines.

Red curries and Rosé

Red curry is nothing but gravy made with tomato puree. And this can work wonders as tomato and wine are a perfect combination in Italian cuisine. But, there is one major difference between Indian and Italian cuisines. As the tomato-based gravies are usually spicy, one should remember to go for a wine which is not too dry. The best possible combination is to go for Rosé wine which is on the sweeter side.

Paneer Saag and Sauvignon Blanc

Paneer is the most common ingredient in Indian cuisine. And it is the most toughest to pair a wine with. So, one should be extremely careful while picking up a wine that can go with paneer. It is advised to go for high acidity wine that cuts the cheese flavour. One can always go for a richer Sauvignon Blanc.