All about the magic of mobile photography

A few photographers in and around the city share why they find mobile camera a smart choice

By Author  |  Published: 16th May 2018  12:00 amUpdated: 15th May 2018  11:53 pm
mobile photography
Photo: George Blessington

Imagine some unparalleled moments that cannot be recreated by us humans and just because we didn’t have a camera handy at the right time and right place can make you miss out on them. So, this is when a smartphone’s camera can come to anyone’s rescue. With phone always being at hand, there are fewer chances that a person with a photographic eye will miss out on any action worth capturing. This kind of spur-of-the-moment capturing gets a bit difficult with DSLR camera.

Nowadays, it is very obvious that most photographers, even the professionals, find phone camera as good as any DSLR. With advanced features available in smartphones, the capturing, editing and sharing part has become exceptionally easier. And, if it is a high-end phone, then, the quality is hardly compromised.

Some of the budding/amateur as well as professional photographers from the city, who captured most of the pictures in their collection through their phone, talk about why they find phone camera more convenient and also some of the advantages and disadvantages linked to it.

Vishnu Vardhan, a professional photographer, says, “One can capture a good click anytime of the day and for that, the photographer must have a camera in hand at that particular point in time. And, only phone camera allows you to capture the rarest of moments.”

Sharing what’s the biggest advantage of mobile photography, he says that as soon as a picture is clicked on phone, it can be shared on social media within a few minutes, once edited. “As the mobile versions of Photoshop and Lightroom are available, one doesn’t need to transfer from one device to another for that perfect upload,” Vishnu Vardhan adds.

While speaking on some of the mobile photography aspects which people usually find difficult, George Blessington from Sangareddy says, “Many people say that it is not possible to take good pictures on the phone in low light, but it is a myth. Photography is all about working hard for one perfect shot. One needs to experiment with angles and also make the best use of the manual mode.”

Sharing the basic rule of mobile photography, George says, “If it is about mobile photography, the concentration is always on composition than quality. As photography is an art, clicking a great picture is the only thing that matters.”

Another photographer from the city, Sai Chandra Goud whose social media handles are mostly filled with pictures clicked on his mobile, says, “I am currently using Redmi 3S Prime. I draw inspiration from well-known photographer Auditya Venkatesh. He always says that it is not the camera that matters but the person behind it.”

Sai Chandra also adds that phone photography gets even more better by opting for a wide angle, and macro lenses. “There is a lot to explore and experiment with mobile photography. One needs to learn different techniques every passing day,” he concludes.