All you need to know about HAM

All About Amateur Radio, a book by S Suri VU2MY which was released recently, talks about wireless communication technologies in detail

By   |  Published: 27th Dec 2019  7:44 pm

The book, All About Amateur Radio, gives detailed information about amateur radio service — a two-way communication technology that has been in existence for over a century. A technology which immensely helped the advancement of science and technology impacting our everyday lives.

Millions of licensed amateur radio operators around the world talk to each other, share knowledge, exchange information, and conduct technical experimentation in wireless radio communication technologies enhancing skills of these individuals in their chosen field of specialisation.

This book, authored by S Suri VU2MY, highlights the importance of Ham Radio and its several facets. It provides basic understanding of amateur radio communications as well as assist in capacity building towards launching of “Orbiting Satellites Carrying Amateur Radio, Expeditions & Adventure, Fox-Hunt, i.e., Detecting Hidden transmitters, a radio sport where national and international competitions are held”.

The book guides the individual to self empower with skills and education through experimentation and intercommunications. Amateur radio (HAM) operators are self-learners in many aspects of S&T, learning by means of experimentation and intercommunication throughout their journey of life.

This aspect needs to be highlighted in India and governments may encourage amateur radio facets towards nation building as well as socio-economic developments. Any citizen above the age of 12 years in India can obtain an Amateur Station Operator licence from Government of India. The educated rural youth can immensely benefit by establishing “Star Clubs” in villages/ towns with support from government departments under special schemes or projects.

The book is also the life journal of Suri, who started his career in Indian Air Force and discharged with disability pension after serving in three wars for which he received Samar Seva Star and Raksha Medal.

This book is co authored by Tom K Jose VU2TO, a young ham (21) currently studying fourth-year BTech in Hyderabad. His accomplishment in providing emergency communications in the aftermath of ‘Hud-Hud’ cyclone in Visakhapatnam inspired a chapter on HAM Radio in Class IX English textbook in Telangana and AP.