Amala Paul in bold and beautiful avatar

Aame is going to be a career-lifting film for Amala Paul

By Author  |  Published: 12th Jul 2019  9:11 pm
Bold and beautiful

Call it a taboo or insecurity, acting nude in Indian cinema is not something most actors are accustomed to. South Indian star Amala Paul took an audacious step to give a shot at it for Aadai (Aame in Telugu), a project which she feels is worth the daring act. And this was when she was ruminating on the idea of bidding adieu to her filmy career.

“All the film scripts that I have been hearing were either “lies” or routine, run-of-the mill stories laced with masala. When it comes to content-driven female-centric flicks, it would be about women empowerment or sacrifice of mother or wife. How long could we keep lying to audience? We have to show the realities happening in our society. Why can’t our movies say the truth?,” questions Amala.

That was when she read the synopsis of Rathna Kumar’s story. “I initially doubted the script thinking that it was some sort of a Hollywood script,” she says, during the promotional event in the city. The actor portrays the character of Kamini in the thriller flick Aadai where she bares it all to project the plight of a rape victim. When the teaser of the movie released a month ago, there was not only applause from bigwigs of the cinema industry but her bold act also sparked a controversy leading to news hour debates.

Her character will be seen nude for about 20 minutes which was shot for 20 days. “Nobody knew how it would turn out until we started shooting. After several discussions to get into the idea — with proper drawings and references, the shooting commenced.” When it comes to shooting the crucial part, the producer of the movie suggested that she be comfortable by wearing costumes of her choice. However, Amala dismissed it and went on to say she would like to act nude. However, only when she is about to start for the shoot she panicked as the reality of going nude on the sets dawned on her.

“We finished the shoot successfully; it was possible with the trust and confidence that I have on my team. When Bollywood director Anurag Kashyap watched the teaser, he said, ‘The attention of the audience goes to the pain in the eyes’,” she said.The thriller, being dubbed into Telugu, is being presented by Tammareddy Bharadwaj’s Charita Chitra.

Speaking on the movie, director Nandini Reddy hailed the crafty work of Rathna Kumar. “Every shot of the movie has director’s conviction. Haunting and shocking, Aame is going to be a career-lifting moment for actor Amala Paul. It is a welcoming sign that content of both Telugu and Tamil cinema is taken to a new level. I am feeling so proud that heroines are heading this moment with theme-driven movies — whether it Samantha in Oh! Baby or Amala Paul in Aame,” she said.