Amazing Sufi renditions

Smita Bellur entrances music connoisseurs with her performance.

By Author   |   Published: 30th Dec 2016   11:00 pm Updated: 30th Dec 2016   7:49 pm
Sufi Music concert at L V Prasad Eye Hospital Jubilee Hills

At LV Prasad Eye Hospital, we also treat eyes, joked chairman Dr GN Rao while hosting a music concert in the auditorium of the hospital. The show happened unplanned, he said, as the Hindustani classial vocalist Smita Bellur was in town and happened to express interest in performing.

The young singer, a student of Hyderabad’s well-known classical musicians Warsi brothers, gave a powerful, passionate performance on Thursday evening. The audience was mostly the elite classical music connoisseurs from the city, and the entry was on invite basis, unticketed. Even though the event was planned on a short notice, the audiorium was largely filled.

Singer Smita Bellur

The cheery, smiling Smita performed her own mystic compositions of semi-classical ragas, mainly based on Sanskrit, Persian, Hindi and Urdu dialogues.

Throughout the performance, she kept herself engaged with the audience, reading poetry and religious verses from her laptop even in between her songs. She quoted the Upanishads, the Quran, the philosophers Al Ghazali and Kabir, the poets Abdul Haq Hairan and Amir Khusrow on love and God, the two foremost subjects of Sufi culture.

Smita sang poems starting her renditions based on raga Kalavati, and from there took them to ‘wherever it leads’. All through, she kept translating the poems she was singing, be they in Sanskrit or Persian.

The singer has a powerful, moving voice. Her passion for Sufi music is evident in her body language on stage. With a bright smile, unwavering attention to her music, and sheer energy through and through, Smita gave the city’s classical music lovers a highly enjoyable evening.