Old detective with a new coat

Mystery mongers, here is another series which gives you adequate amount of Sherlock dose.

By Author   |   Published: 11th Jan 2017   11:25 pm Updated: 11th Jan 2017   10:04 pm

Among all the genres, only mystery has the ability to keep the viewers on their mental toes throughout and it not only holds your attention but also drives you to become a part of the solution. Adding to this curiosity of solving more mysteries, we are introduced to Elementary.

Elementary is an American version of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes with updates to match up with the present world. Sherlock is a recovering drug addict, who shifted to Manhattan from London and Doctor Watson is helping him with that by being his sober companion.

Sherlock was working with Scotland Yard as a consultant before landing up in a rehab for drug abuse and because of this failure, he moved to America and after recovering he is working with the NYPD. The twist here is that Dr Watson, unlike in the actual plot, is a woman.

Dr Watson was a successful surgeon until she lost one of her patients on the operation table and then ended up being a sober companion. The lead characters are played by Jonny Lee Miller and the Charlie’s Angels fame Lucy Liu.

This American Sherlock is already running in its fifth season and every season consists of 24 episodes. Created by Robert Doherty, the series was under the scanner before the release as it was believed to have some uncanny resemblance with the BBC’s Sherlock.

After the first season, the series received good response from the critics, especially for the writing, approach to the source material as well as performances.