Anaida Parvaneh is the jack and master of all trades

Anaida is all about venturing into different things and being successful at them.

By Author  |  Published: 5th Feb 2018  12:39 am
Anaida Parvaneh
Anaida Parvaneh

An icon, who took the Indian pop industry by storm in the 90s, is also a world-renowned chef and healer now. Talking to Tabloid Today exclusively, Anaida Parvaneh shares what it’s like to be doing different things and not limiting one self.

Being the first Indian pop artist to showcase your talent on international platforms, how did the journey begin?

I have always liked to believe that I am a great planner but over the years I have realised the best plans that happened to me were the ones the universe chose. I loved music and singing but I never thought I will choose it as a profession till it happened. I was studying to become a pilot and my second choice was a brain surgeon and yet a pop star was what universe had in store.

At the time I was in school when I started as an RJ for the new station, Times FM. I was also choreographing and designing in my free time when during one of the fashion shows there was a delay so I went on stage and sang two songs to keep the audiences entertained. That impromptu singing got me offers from three music companies within a week.

Long story short, I released the first ever single in India and had the highest selling debut album. Rest is history and Dr google will fill you in details (laughingly says).

Choosing spiritual path and healing experiences. How and when did that happen?

Mom was a naturopath and a medium (healer) but I didn’t believe any of that. I did everything to prove it wrong. It was not until a very dark phase where I was literally battling for my life that I realised my own spirit is the only power that could save me. The quest took more momentum and I accepted my own gift.

Since then I have been happier, healthier and generally having a magical life. That’s why I started my workshops called ‘Power of you’. Where I mix different modalities depending on the need of the participants, we do food and spirituality, art and spirituality and energy work. A lot of it is science- based. In fact we plan to do one in Hyderabad in mid-February.

Food is art, how have you expressed yourself in this art form since you have already mastered many others?

As most are aware of the fact that I have successfully dabbled in many forms of art, but to me we are all creative beings. The more you allow your creative sense to express itself, the happier you will be. Food is art and a very powerful medium at that. Chefs are powerful artists. After all, people literally eat your art.

Have you not realised how your mom’s cooking somehow is always the most comforting? It is the love she puts in it that’s unmatched. My cooking often has very few ingredients. I like simplicity, I like playing with tastes and I often design dishes that give you different flavours in each bite. I bring cooking, psychology, art, colours and energy into my cooking. It has been the biggest surprise for me. What started as a fun venture just for the experience has now turned into a successful full-blown business.