Anarchy will be put down at any cost, says KCR

Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao also credited the Speaker and Deputy Speaker Padma Devender Reddy for guiding the House over the past four years in a dignified manner and ensuring that everyone’s voice was heard.

By Author   |   Published: 14th Mar 2018   12:29 am Updated: 14th Mar 2018   1:46 am
File Photo: Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao

Hyderabad: Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao on Tuesday demonstrated his determination to ensure smooth conduct of business in the Telangana Legislature, declaring that anarchy would be put down at any cost, come what may.

“Yesterday’s actions of the Congress members highlighted the anarchy the party practices both inside and outside the House. Nobody can take shelter under the guise of a political party or its activities when it comes to actions that result in chaos or create trouble for those around them,” the Chief Minister said, speaking in the State Assembly after two Congress MLAs were expelled and 11 of their colleagues suspended for the current Budget session.

Thanking the House for passing the resolutions unanimously on the expulsions and suspensions, the Chief Minister said: “For the last four years, the law and order situation in the State has been good. People are happy with the situation. They (Congress MLAs) are not able to digest this.”

Chandrashekhar Rao said Speaker S Madhusudhana Chary had on Sunday called leaders of all political parties and requested them to ensure dignity and decorum during the Governor’s address to the joint sitting of the Council and Assembly. “We had specific inputs that they wanted to get suspended for a long period. Yesterday there was no issue for such a protest. But they deliberately wanted to create trouble. They threw pens, headphones and books at the Governor,” the Chief Minister said.

Further defending the action taken against the Congress members, Rao said: “I have no doubt we have to send a clear message to the people that the House will be run in a proper manner.” Calling the decisions taken by the House as correct ones, the Chief Minister said the people of the State would decide if the government was wrong in this case. “But they have not won a single election since the formation of Telangana. They did not win any by-poll to Parliament or the GHMC. Even in the Achampet municipal elections, all the parties joined hands against TRS but they did not win a single seat out of the 20 in the municipality,” he said.

He also credited the Speaker and Deputy Speaker Padma Devender Reddy for guiding the House over the past four years in a dignified manner and ensuring that everyone’s voice was heard. “In many States,” the Chief Minister said, “budgets get guillotined. But here you conducted the House even late into the nights so that all the demands can be discussed in detail.”

The government never said no to the time sought by the opposition parties to discuss any issue. “We said we will listen to you as long as you want to discuss any issue,” he said.
Rao also expressed regret over Monday’s incidents of missile throwing by the Congress members that ultimately injured Legislative Council Chairman K Swamy Goud. “It is sad and unfortunate that such circumstances have come up. I never expected such a situation to arise,” he said.

“They climbed the tables as they could not see where they were throwing things. They made derogatory allegations against Swamy Goud. One Congress member went on live TV and claimed that he was aiming to hit the Governor and the headphone hit Swamy Goud instead. And for the past four years, they have been predicting that I will go to the USA because I have some serious illness and that I will not return. I am still here and have not gone anywhere,” Rao said.