Ancient yet unique

Chivvemla Shivalayam, a famous spiritual meditation place in the history.

By   |  Published: 16th Jan 2017  10:40 pmUpdated: 16th Jan 2017  11:38 pm
The idol of Lord Shiva and Parvathi in the position of meditation.

Suryapet: An ancient Sri Gyna Lingeshwara Swamy temple at Chivvemla village in Suryapet district which was restored to some extent with the efforts of local youth has signs of its prominence in Kakatiya and Vijayanagara kings’ dynasty.

Sri Gyna Lingeshwara Swamy temple was constructed during AD 1250-1310 and has shined as one of the most spiritual meditation centre (Adhyathmika dhyanam kendram) during the period of Kakatiya kings dynasty. But, in time the temple was left neglected, which almost led to its disappearance as it is sinking into the sand for unknown reasons. Only four stones which are no more in the shape of the temple are visible now.

The educated youth of the village say that there should be construction work so that the sand covering the stones can be removed. Interestingly, two years ago a small temple and a few stone idols of different Gods were found in the place.

Tharepally Suresh Kumar, a youth from the village approached the officials of archaeology department in Hyderabad with the photographs of unearth stone structure and idols of the Gods. After examining them, the officials were confirmed that the temple belongs to the period of Kakatiya dynasty.

As there was no response from the archaeology department to visit the temple and take up its renovation, the youth of the village have taken up the task to bring a temple’s shame to its structures at the place.

The stone idol of Lord Shiva and Parvathi in meditation was similar to the designs on the coins that belong to Vijayanagara kingdom. It indicates that the temple was cherished as the most important spiritual meditation pilgrimage during the period of Vijayanagara kingdom.

The temple priest Srinaiah informed that the sadhus and rishis in the ancient days used to do meditation (Dhyanam) in such temples with mysterious powers that would connect them with God. Gyna Lingeshwara Swamy temple was one of such few famous temples in the country.
After closing the temple, the priest would keep the key at Kala Bhairava idol.

This practice exists in Shakthi Peetams with a belief that Kala Bhairava would look after the security of the temple. The Lord Shiva lingam and Nandi idol in the temple is also said to have some uniqueness. Recently, a statue of Goddess Bhavani matha idol, which has eight chakras, 10 hands and has third eye was installed in the temple which attracts the women devotees to the temple.

Paramesh, a resident of the village says, “The Government should take up the reconstruction of the historical temple as we need to pass on the history to our next generations.”