And, then there was light

Try these stained candle holders which douse the walls in lively colours creating a beautiful ambience

By Author  |  Published: 6th Dec 2018  8:18 pmUpdated: 6th Dec 2018  8:23 pm

Candle holders have been around for a long time, but Ravali Sarma takes them and turns them around into works of art.

Her stained glass candle holders are hand-painted with detailed patterns and colours – featuring beautiful architectural backdrops. Inspired from the European art of stained glass, Ravali first tried her hand at creating stunning interiors with stained work on windows and glass doors. The artist then decided to utilise the play of light to create her candle holders.The result of the detailed art was an enchanting atmosphere which makes the wall look colourful.

Ravali Sarma, who makes the stained candle holders as a hobby was inspired by European architecture and art of stained glass during her tour through Europe. “The hand-painted glass holder comes with detail patterns, shapes and textures creating a beautiful reflection on the floor. One can light the candle to enhance the ambience, or just place it on the shelf as a home décor,” says the 25-year-old counsellor who works with Delhi School of Excellence. The light from the candle adds to the cosiness of the decor accent.

You can choose from various options of patterns and colours, and you gift these candle holders for Christmas or New Year which make for an unique gift. Ravali also retails her brand in Amazon under the name ‘Art Veda’. So next time, you go shopping, keep these beautiful holders in mind and prepare for countless compliments.