Andhra University to host international conference

By Author  |  Published: 7th Aug 2017  6:43 pm
Andhra University
Andhra University

Visakhapatnam: An international conference on Environmental Biotechnology – a promise to a clean energy and green future (EBIO-2017), will be organised by the Andhra University Department of Chemical engineering, in association with OMICS publishing Group from November 23 to 25.

According to Vice-Chancellor of Andhra University G Nageswara Rao, Chairman of the standing committee on petroleum and natural gas Prahlad Joshi will be the chief guest for EBIO 2017.

The international conference “Environmental Biotechnology” will add wide range of topics which include Environmental Biotechnology, Biofuels and alternative energy sources, Bioremediation and Bio Degradation, Energy from Biomass and Energy Crops, Natural Resources and Sustainable Development, Solid and Hazardous Waste Management, Bio Pharmaceuticals, E-Waste and Mining waste Management, Bio-Fertilizers, Bio-Pesticides and Bio Polymers, Bio-diversity-Conversion and Management, Biotechnology and Forestry and Commercial Enzymes, Biochemical and fermentation Products.

Also, Environmental Biotechnology as “the development, use and regulation of biological systems for remediation of contaminated environments (Land ,Air, Water ) and for environment friendly process i.e Green manufacturing technologies and sustainable development”, the growth of cities, population explosion and rapid industrial development have led to the release of various types of contaminants like Xenobiotics, some being highly toxic, recalcitrant and having high bio accumulating and bio magnification properties, would be discussed.

“The issue of population, pollution, poverty and production should not be treated as separate issues but as interactive factors. The environment has to sustain not only the basic human needs for survival but also the conversion of raw materials into products and services. The synergetic integrated cycle of profit making process, where waste of each process becomes a feed stock for another process. Therefore there is an urgent need to exploit the biotechnological innovations for food, feed, energy products and clean and green environment. Environmental moments arise largely due to clash between economic development and exploitation of natural resources,” he said.

Prof Nageswara Rao observed that by considering all these facts, environmental biotechnology could be considered as a driving force for integrated environmental protection leading to sustainable development.