Animal Husbandry to take action over fish death in Gandigudem Cheruvu

By Author  |  Published: 10th Oct 2017  12:56 am

Hyderabad: Taking note of the Gandigudem Cheruvu incident, where over two lakh fish died due to pollution, the Animal Husbandry department said that it would take tough action against those responsible for the loss.

The 266-acre lake is situated near the Kazipally Industrial area and Industrial Development Area (IDA), Bollaram. Earlier this week, almost every fish in the lake died and were washed ashore.

The locals filed a police complaint saying that the incident occurred due to the industrial effluents from the nearby pharma companies.

Responding to the complaint, officials from the Animal Husbandry and Fisheries Department informed that the fish worth Rs 1.5 crore died in the Gandigudem Lake and tough action would be taken against those responsible for releasing the effluents into the lake.

On further investigation, the State pollution control board’s reports suggested that traces of chloromethane, a solvent used in the pharma industry, were found in the samples of the water and the dead fish, collected from the lake.