Animal inspired buildings across the globe

Netizens can't get enough of the Fisheries Department building which is trending online

By Author  |  Priyanka Pasupuleti  |  Published: 10th Jul 2019  10:07 pm
Big fish in the city

Architecture has its own creativity, but few buildings are spectacular examples of how the animal kingdom can inspire design. A Twitter thread started by a user throws up some amazing results on structures across the globe, where artistic ingenuity shines through. What’s more interesting about this thread is that mana city’s Fisheries Department has also made it to the list. Visually, you get 25 cool snapshots of buildings everywhere on the planet, like a skyscraper shaped like an elephant, a hotel inspired by crocodiles, a turtle-shaped spa and hotel with a spectacular view of Niagara Falls.Big fish in the city

Chicken and church may not go hand-in-hand, but in Magelang, Indonesia, they do. Gereja Ayam, is known as the “Chicken church”, due to being shaped like the poultry bird. China has a crab-shaped building located on Yangcheng lake’s Eastern shore, the outer shell is moulded with stainless steel, with pincers and claws resting on the ground. La Balade des Gnomes is another amazing place located in Belgium which attracts visitors from all over world.

Big fish in the city

Any kid in the world will be excited to go to a kindergarten in the shape of a cat. Hundreds of students enter through the mouth of the cat, take classes in its belly and come out through its tail. Continent of the USA is also home to numerous animal inspired buildings, among which are the Fishing Hall of Fame in the form of a musky fish, and Dog Bark Park inn located in Idaho.