Anirudh bags sprint double

St Andrews Bowenpally bagged the overall team championship.

By Author  |  Sports Bureau   |  Published: 9th Sep 2019  10:42 pm
St Andrews School that won the overall team championship

Hyderabad: Anirudh Bose of St Andrews (Bowenpally), who was declared as the best junior athlete, bagged a sprint double in the 10th St Andrews inter-school athletic meet which concluded at Keesra on Monday.

St Andrews Bowenpally bagged the overall team championship.


Senior boys: 100m: 1. Anand Shankar Iyer (Pallavi Model School) 11:00s, 2. K.Thanmay (AHPS) , 3. K.Rohan, Bhavans S; 200m: 1. Anand Shankar Iyer (Pallavi Model School) 25.90s, 2. K.Thanmay (Academic Heights Public School), 3. M.D.Raysuddin (CRPF Public School); 400ms : 1.Mani Harshith (Bhavans Sainikpuri) 1:12.80s, 2.Toyesh.M.B (St.Andrews),3. Samson (St.Andrews Kesara); Long jump : 1.Arjun (St.Andrews) 5.04m, 2.Thanmay (AHPS Public School), 3. Anand (Pallavi Model School); Shot put: 1. V.Ashok (CMR International Public School 11.1m, 2. Rohul Goud (Reqel Ford School), 3. Sohil (Pallavi Model School); 4×100 relay 1. Bhavans Sainikpuri, 2. St.Andrews Bowenpally, 3. CRPF Public School.

Junior boys: 100m: 1. Anirudh Bose (St.Andrews Bowenpally) 12:40s, 2. Ganesh, (St.Andrews Bowenpally), 3. G.Jayanth (Bhavans Sainikpuri); 200m: 1. Anirudh Bose (St.Andrews Bowenpally) 26.40s, 2. Fabian Joshua (St.Andrews Bowenpally), 3. M.Pranav (AHP School); Long jump: 1.S.Sankeerth Goud (CMR International Public School 4.12m, 2.Milton Dutta (CRPF Public School), 3.N.Karthik (St.Andrews Bowenpally; 1. Jatin (Pallavi Model School) 8.29m, 2. 1. Anirudh (St.Andrews), 3. S.Sai Chaitanya (AEC School); 4x100m: 1. St.Andrews Bowenpally, 2. Bhavans Sainikpuri, 3. Atomic Energy Central School-2.

Senior girls: 100m: 1. Alisha (St.Andrews) 14:27s, 2. Rithika Reddy (St.Andrews), 3. Sneha (St.Andrews); 200m: 1. K.Anjali (CMR International Public School 31.30s, 2. Priyanka Das (St.Andrews), 3. Rithika Reddy (St.Andrews); Long jump: 1. Nakshatra (St.Andrews) 3.64m, 2.Priyanka (St.Andrews), 3. K.Anjali (CMR International Public School); Shot put: 1. Malvika (St.Andrews) 6.93m, 2. Pallavi Rajan (Foster Billanong),3.G.Sneha Binan (AEC School); 4x100m: 1. St.Andrews Bowenpally, 2. St.Andrews Kesara, 3. Bhavans Sainikpuri.

Junior girls: 100m :1. Suhani Singh (CRPF Public School) 14:60s, 2. Aeiyna (CRPF Public School), 3. Greeshmika (St.Andrews); 200m: 1. Pooja Pal (CRPF Public School) 33.79s, 2. Suhani Singh, CRPF Public School, 3. Greeshmika (St.Andrews); Long jump: 1.Pooja Pal (CRPF Public School),2. Aishwarya (CRPF Public School), 3. Khsubu Nayak (Atomic Energy Central School-2); Shot put: 1. Gouri (Pallavi Model School) 6.75m, 2.Akhila (CMR International Public School), 3.T.Sai Sanjana (Atomic Energy Central School); 4x100m: 1. CRPF Public School, 2. St.Andrews Bowenpally, 3. Atomic Energy Central School -2
Best Athletes : Sr.Boys : Anand Shankar Iyer (Pallavi Model School); Jr.Boys: Anirudh Bose (St.Andrews Bowenpally); Sr.Girls: Alisha (St.Andrews Bowenpally); Jr.Girls : Suhani Singh (CRPF Public School).

Overall championship: St.Andrews Bowenpally; Fairplay Trophy: CRPF public School.