Ankit learns to play instrument for Manmohini

The TV actor is currently seen as Ram in the fantasy drama

By   |  Published: 11th Jan 2019  4:22 pm

Ankit Siwach took a few sessions to learn how to play stringed instrument Surbahar before shooting a scene for the show Manmohini.

He is currently seen as Ram aka Rana Sa in the fantasy drama. There will be flashbacks of Ram’s previous birth and his present day. He will be seen playing Surbahar and Mohini dancing to its tune.

“As Rana Sa, I am required to do a lot of princely things and one of the recent sequences required me to learn a classical instrument. I always try to give my best, and everyone on the set has constantly motivated me to perform better,” says Ankit.

“This is the first time that I am playing an instrument in real life and the experience has been phenomenal.

Filming this sequence was tough for me as the posture, synchronisation of hands and background score needed to be perfect. I practised for hours to get the shot right,” he further adds.