Anushree Painuly launches debut novel on mental health

The actor spun her novel around people whom she encountered sometime and talks about tough times

By   |  Published: 23rd Mar 2020  7:01 pm

Debut novel ‘Sunrise Beyond The Dead End’ by actor and healer Anushree Painuly from Dehradun was launched recently. The book highlights the major mental health issues of today’s changing times — depression and loneliness.

This motivational story deals with surviving the dark and difficult times of one’s lives, embracing one’s wounds and walking ahead with the strength their sufferings provide.

The book introduces a common man who sets on a journey when his life takes an unexpected negative turn. In his unplanned journey, he meets five different people who influence his life and change his perception.

When asked about the kind of research she had to do for her book, Anushree said, “All the six main characters of my book are inspired by real-life people whom I encountered some time, somewhere.

Even for other characters, like the peculiar person on ghat who appears just in a few paragraphs is inspired by a real-life person. So, I believe the real research goes in observing and getting into the mind of your characters.”

Being the daughter of a writer, Anushree ventured into writing at a very early age, as writing came naturally to her. However, her journey as an author commenced with Sunrise Beyond The Dead End.

Anushree’s passion towards travelling gets her opportunities to closely observe and understand people, religions, beliefs and cultures of different places. These encounters fuel her writing ideas. Being a spiritual healer Anushree believes that positivity when combined with right words has the power of changing lives, and it is very well reflected in her book.