AP boat tragedy: Pall of gloom surrounds Kadipikonda village in Warangal

By Author  |  Published: 17th Sep 2019  12:43 am

Hyderabad: An entire village is in tears, the air of grief overwhelming and the sound of lament deafening, as several homes in Kadipikonda village in Warangal Urban mourn their loved ones after the Godavari River tragedy. While two deaths have been confirmed, seven others of a 14-member group that set out from the village for boating on the river, are still missing, 24 hours after the boat sunk.

From the time the news hit headlines on Sunday afternoon, villagers, well-wishers and relatives are gathering at different houses trying to get updates. While in one home, a widowed mother is mourning the death of her 17-year-old son, a wife is mourning her husband in another. The situation in other seven homes is overwrought with tension, the uncertainty testing sanity as the fate of their dear ones remains unknown.

It was on Friday night that the group of 14 left from Kazipet railway station to Papikondalu. By Sunday, the sharing of happy photos over WhatsApp stopped, with desperate calls being made to know what happened and who would come back alive.

Out of the 14, Baske Avinash (17) and Baske Rajendar (58) have been confirmed dead with their bodies being retrieved. The missing persons are Kommula Ravi, Shivvi Venkataswamy, Baske Dharmaraju, Gorre Rajendar, Baske Rajendra Prasad, Konduru Raj Kumar and Gaddameedhi Sunil. The five who survived were Dasharatham, Venkataswamy, Darshanala Suresh, Gorre Prabhakar and Yadagiri.