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By Author  |  Published: 11th Jul 2017  12:04 am

An application was launched where a person can consult a doctor without having to travel to the clinic/ hospital. ‘IVH patient care’ will also help doctors maintain a record of all their patients.

Using the app, patients who have difficulty in travelling to consult doctors can update their status and the kind of medical treatment they are undergoing. Using the same application, the doctors can check the status and guide the patients on what to do next.

The application also helps the doctors to keep a record of all their patients who cannot pay regular visits despite being required to do so. “There is little or no mechanism to keep track of the patient’s treatment journeys that are referred to specialists. Most of the time doctors lose their patients in referral chains. The primary treating doctors who examined the patient for the first time and know most about the patient need to be informed about the patient’s treatment cycle because their remarks really do matter in the entire treatment process,” said Tarun Sahani, Internal and Hyperbaric Medicine expert at Indraprasta Apollo Hospital.

‘IVH patient care’ has been developed by India Virtual Hospitals, a tech-enabled specialised Medical Concierge Service addressing the needs of medical travellers looking for quality treatments in India.

Stating that it is a doctor’s right to know about the patient to whom they provide treatment, Sahani said that an app like this will certainly go a long way to help doctors to be informed about their patient’s treatment status.

“This may become a platform where doctors and specialists can interact and discuss the patient with each other,” he said.

Launching the application, Swadeep Srivastava, managing partner, India Virtual Hospital, said: “It is a struggle for doctors to trace their patients when they are referred by them to some other hospital in an alien city.”

“With ‘IVH Patient Care’, we are trying to empower doctors with the right to be informed about their patients who are travelling for medical benefits,” said Srivastava.

Instagram lets you reply to ‘Stories’ with photos or videos

In a bid to improve visual conversations among users through its messaging tool ‘Direct’, photo-sharing app Instagram has added the feature to reply to users’ ‘Stories’ with photos or videos.

The replies would include a sticker of the original story that a user may move around and re-size. “Today’s update is just one of the ways we’re working to make ‘Direct’ the best place to have fun, visual conversations with friends on Instagram,” the Facebook-owned app said in a statement.
To reply with a photo or a video, a user must tap a new camera button that appears while watching a friend’s story.

When a friend replies to a user’s story with a photo or a video, it can be seen in the inbox.
As with disappearing photos and videos in ‘Direct’, a user’s friends will know when he or she has taken a screenshot or replayed a reply.


Hubhopper app tops Apple Store

Hubhopper, one of India’s leading social content aggregation, discovery and publishing platforms, has become the most downloaded app on Apple App Store this week. The app ranks ‘Numero Uno’ among the week’s ‘Hottest’ apps across all categories. “This is a big moment for us as this one is coming straight from the consumers (users on ground). It is a recognition and reinforcement of our core values and a sign that we are on the right path,” said Gautam Raj Anand, founder and CEO of Hubhopper.

Hubhopper aims to redefine the way content is published, aggregated and consumed on the Internet by making high-quality curated content easily accessible, saving users the cost of finding content of their interests online.

The app has also seen over 1,00,000 downloads from Google Play Store.