App that pre-screens Covid-19 patients by cough sounds

Named ‘kAs’, the app can analyse and assess cough sound using audiometric patterns and provide details on susceptibility of the candidate to pandemic

By   |  Published: 9th Apr 2020  12:18 am
‘kAs’ app can analyse and assess cough sound using audiometric patterns

Hyderabad: The whole procedure of determining candidates who should be tested for coronavirus is a tedious task and the medical fraternity is grappling with the problem of pre-screening as well. In light of such a scenario, Hyderabad-based startup Salcit Technologies and IT company Zensark Technologies have joined hands to reduce the time spent on initial screening of patients for the pandemic.

Named ‘kAs’, the app can analyse and assess cough sound using audiometric patterns and provide details on the susceptibility of the candidate to the pandemic. As the cough sound is one of the main symptoms for the virus, the startup, which was already working on general respiratory issues — along with the IT firm, has developed an enhanced version of the existing technology.

“Salcit has already been working on using audiometric technology to detect different cough sounds and identify respiratory infection. When the pandemic started spreading in India, we got in touch with them and thought about developing something in order to help the medical fraternity. That is how kAs came into being,” said Manmohan Jain, founder and CEO, Zensark Technologies.

Currently, in its beta-testing stage, the app was refined to detect Covid-19 cough sounds with the help of data from NIMS and Apollo Health City. It already has a patent granted from India and has filed for an international patent. “It took us almost two to three weeks to develop this product and it can be used as a monitoring and pre-screening tool. The core technology has been provided by us,” said Narayana Rao, CEO, Salcit Technologies.

The application, according to the developers, is not a replacement for lab testing and is awaiting general clearance from Google Play Store to make it available to the common man. While the app can help candidates determine their susceptibility to the virus, Rao also explains that it could be a great tool for the State to quickly identify virus-infected patients.

“Let’s say a particular zone has a large group of candidates prone to Covid-19, then the concerned authorities can tell the citizens to download the app and analyse the cough sounds via the dashboard that is provided by us. It can give them data on high-risk, medium-risk and low-risk candidates. These cough samples can also be sent to the doctors to evaluate the patients,” Rao added.


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