Apple watch oozes out acid

A woman who was wearing the gadget is left with a serious burn on her arm

By   |  Published: 26th May 2019  6:27 pm

The woman named Rosemeg suddenly felt a shooting pain in her arm on which she was wearing the Apple watch. As it turns out, Rosemeg suffered serious burn as a result of battery acid leaking from the watch. She claims that the incident occurred while she was wearing the Apple 3 watch.

“@Apple you suck! After owning an Apple 3 Watch for 2 months, the battery leaked acid, burnt my arm and ruined my watch cover. Yes my local Apple store replaced the battery but refused to replace my cover. It was not an Apple product! Would it have exhausted(sic),” tweeted Rosemeg.

While the details on the incident remain sparse, it isn’t the first accident that occurred as a result of faulty Apple watches. A lawsuit has been filed by one of the Apple users claiming that all Apple watches up to and including series 4 are prone to a defect that results in lithium ion battery swelling.