Apply veganism to your home decor

By Author  |  B Sahaja Reddy  |  Published: 12th Jul 2019  11:20 pm
Make vegan choices to make your home nature friendly.

The wave of veganism is starting to spread across the globe not only in food, but also fashion and beauty industries. And, a big difference can also be made in terms of our house. We can make vegan choices for our interiors to make it nature friendly. As an interior designer for our homes there are many facets where one can use natural and animal-friendly products to make our homes animal friendly too. These are a few ways of using natural products in your home décor.

Vegan leather

Many assume that leather is luxury to which many mainstream retailers have started to offer leather alternative options like Pinatex. It is an innovative new product made of fiber from the leaves of the pineapple plant to create cradle that are durable as well as versatile. Always look for Bamboo silk, Viscose, Cotton, Jute and recycled fibers.

Faux over fur

There are many faux fur options available as throws, blankets, pillows and upholstery fabrics. They are very soft and gorgeous and come in so many varieties. Fabricut is an alternative of faux fur which can be used for custom small piece upholstery, bedding and pillows.

Animal friendly paints

We should look for cruelty free paint which is eco-friendly with low or zero emissions for a healthier home.

Choosing furnishings

The best way we can do is we can find some vintage furniture and give them new life with a total vegan renovation instead of using laminated wood furniture.

House gardening

Plants like Aloe Vera, Snake Plant, and English Ivy are some good choice for our homes which purify air and eliminate toxic gases.

Vegan antique

We should choose these made of natural products and not made from animal skin or teeth. This is the just the beginning of choices and options that are available and are becoming mainstream every day. The more we choose vegan products the more we can continue to live an innovative and healthy lifestyle.