Architectural marvel hidden in obscurity

The Ramalingeswara Temple with its exquisite carvings at Nandi Kandi village is worth a visit

By Author  |  Saurabh Chatterjee  |  Published: 13th Aug 2017  12:25 amUpdated: 13th Aug 2017  12:33 am
architectural marvels
Star Shaped Temple: Black stone statue of Nandi in Sri Ramalingeshwara Temple at Nandikandi in Medak District. Photos: Saurabh Chatterjee

Often during my travels, I have unexpectedly come across architectural marvels by sheer luck. The Ramalingeswara Temple at the village of Nandi Kandi was one such find. It was during a trip to Bidar with my photography students that we decided to go to this place since it looked interesting. What helped cement the decision was that it was en route and didn’t really require a detour.

architectural marvels
Statue of Lord Ganesha

We reached the place around 4 pm but unfortunately the temple was closed. Fortunately one of photographers found that the lock was open so we were able to go inside. The temple was built by the rulers of the Kalyana Chalukya dynasty in the 10th century. Although some parts were destroyed by Mughal invaders, most of the temple remains in a pristine condition.

The temple is not a very big one, but what it lacks in size, it makes up in architecture. Every inch of the walls is carved with beautiful sculptures. Of all the statues I saw, I particularly liked the five feet statue of Lord Ganesha and the statue of Nandi made of black stone. The temple is star-shaped, another of its unique qualities.

The main temple has four pillars, each carved out of a single stone. Each pillar is exquisitely carved with figures of various Hindu deities such as Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva. There are statues of several other Gods, Goddesses, apsaras and rakshashas in the temple. 

architectural marvelsThe floor of the courtyard was made of stone and the late hour meant we had quite a scorching time walking across it. It was heartening to learn that the temple received funding recently following which the compound wall was constructed.

How to reach: It’s best to drive to Nandi Kandi. It’s 70 kms from Hyderabad and 30 kms from Patancheru. You can also board any bus going to Zaheerabad, Sadashivpet or Bidar and get down at Nandi Kandi. The Nandi Kandi village is located at a distance of 4 kms before Sadashivpet.