Arjun Patiala: Completely devoid of any fizz

The laborious attempt to raise a few guffaws is contrived to a fault and not a fowl full of feathers could tickle you to laughter.

By Author  |  Published: 27th Jul 2019  4:35 pm

This Patiala peg of comedy with a central character who is a part of the public mindset of humor for inexplicable social reasons simply fails to intoxicate. It ends up being a drink completely devoid of any fizz and leaves you wondering why did the film maker in the first place embark on the task of making a film if he did not have a script in the first place. The laborious attempt to raise a few guffaws is contrived to a fault and not a fowl full of feathers could tickle you to laughter.

The local Judo champion Arjun (Diljit Dosanjh) is posted as a SI at the police station at Ferozpur. The police station is the kind you are familiar with in Telugu cinema. To give it the Punjabi touch it even has a cow housed within its premises. It is a boarding and lodging facility for the orderlies. Arjun is ably assisted in his adventures by Onida Singh (Varun Sharma) who has a story to tell about how he was so named with shades of a Mrs. Campbell.

The new Inspector does not take long to run into local TV reporter Ritu Randhawa (Kriti Sanon). He takes even less time to be smitten. The film in fact is a narrative by aspiring film maker (Abhishek Banerjee) to a prospective film maker (Pankaj Tripathi). The two policemen go about ensuring that Ferozpur is a crime free town because that is the ambition of the police chief Amarjit Singh Gill (Ronit Roy). There are various local goons who are enemically disposed to each other and thus our police guys decide to ensure they destroy one another without having to soil their hands. In the final court remain Sakool (Mohammad Zeshan Ayub) and the local MLA (Seema Pahwa).

The inept script takes you through a cold storage mortuary and every one is engaged in the single task of making a fool of themselves. Even that is done halfheartedly though the film maker does his best to assist. Yet again, actors with talent must be kicking themselves for having rushed into saying yes to a film of this kind. Your heart goes out to Diljit Dosanjh a decent actor who is called upon to play a partially corrupt but naive police man.

He tries his best. Unfortunately his best effort is woefully insufficient to add any value to the film. Varun Sharma musters some energy and tries alongside Diljit. The effect is the same. Kriti Sanon is good to look at and fails miserably as a a Punjabi Kudi with beans and commitment to expose the goings on. Film maker Rohit Gujraj makes sure that even a less than two hour outing with a harmless tale is tedious. Some achievement that!! You may well order your home delivery food or get drenched in the monsoon shower than brave your way to the ticket counter of this film.