Artificial granite, the most preferred choice in Hyderabad

Due to its durability and affordable price many are opting it for their residences and offices.

By Author  |  Published: 21st Oct 2017  12:05 amUpdated: 21st Oct 2017  12:50 am
Artificial Granite

Hyderabad: Walking into a room that has exquisitely done flooring can lift your spirits. It is flooring that can make a small room appear spacious and airy, or make a big room feel cozier, all with timeless appeal. Marbles and granites play a major role in this, with Hyderabad’s markets offering plenty of classy and affordable options. Royal Blue Pearl and Blue Pearl granites, usually imported from Finland, Norway and Ukraine are currently among the best trending among granite modules. Black Galaxy, another variety that comes from Cheemakurthi in Prakasam of Andhra Pradesh is also among the most sold granite modules in the city’s markets.

According to traders, artificial granite is more popular among those looking for options for their residences and offices, with the popularity being attributed to its long durability, is light and nonporous and comes at affordable prices. Artificial granite uses 92.6 per cent Quartz arenite material and remaining 7.4 per cent is made of resins, polymers, and various pigments. Quartz can be produced in virtually any colour under the sun from azure blue to deep purple, pink or vermilion. It is most suitable for kitchen surfaces to sinks, bathrooms, vanities, walls and floors.

Artificial granite is easy to clean and maintain and is more durable than natural granite. Madagascar granite, which comes from Madagascar, has a sparkle to it and is used as a decorative item in flooring. Granite is the second cheapest material after tiles in the market, but imported ones have price ranges equal to those of marble. Antique Brown granite, imported from Angola is also popular due its smooth finishing without much reflection.

Among marble modules, ‘I-marble’, an Italian marble concept, is highly in demand. It has resistance to scratch, stains and bacterial and is touted as the next biggest invention in the marble. I- marble is easy to install as it comes in sizes of 1200 x 2400mm and 600 x 600mm, is pre-polished, and is lighter by around 60 per cent compared to traditional marble. I-Marble is resin free as it is without cracks, whereas in traditional marble, resin polymer is used to fill the cracks. Resin has adverse effects and in that way I-marble is said to be a healthier option than natural marble. Another quality imbued in I- marble is zero porosity, courtesy which it doesn’t absorb water whereas the traditional one allows water and subsequently algae and bacteria form on it.

Traders say next generational marbles are zero maintenance due to the non-porous nature, high strength and hard highness index. Lehar Gala, owner, Sree Shantinath Sanitary World says “Gone are the days when customers jiggled between marble and granite. After seeing artificial granite and I- marble, customers are showing interest towards them now.” “Usually marbles and granites are bit costlier but this artificial and latest technology used in marbles costs less and gives a grandeur to the house,” he adds.