Attempting to right old wrongs: NFS Heat

Wonderful design style and amazing options to customise and upgrade cars are what make this game interesting now

By Author  |  Published: 16th Nov 2019  6:19 pm
Attempting to right old wrongs: NFS Heat

Need for Speed is an iconic franchise that has been trying to find a place to restart the magic for a while. The spell of Most Wanted and Hot Pursuit has long been broken and the last two iterations Payback and NFS 2015 have been underwhelming at best. With Heat, this is an attempt to remedy all that.

The game is an imagination of most of the classic hits and the wonderful design style of the new ones. Set in a fictional city that resembles Miami, palm city is a gorgeous city to drive in and with 132 cars in the game, you can do it with some of the most wonderful cars ever built.

The game also offers an insane number of customisations for the cars as everything in the cars can be changed and upgraded from engines and other parts to most visual components. You can make your car look entirely different and feel entirely different as long as you have the patience to sit and customise.

In terms of gameplay, this is a game of two halves. The first set in the day which allows you to race aplenty and be unbothered by traffic or the police. The second in the night is a completely different take as you are hunted down by police cars all night. You earn money in the day and ‘heat’ based reputation at night both of which are needed in abundance to progress in-game.

This is a game that combines the magic of pursuit-based action with the simplicity of driving through difficult races and it does them very well.

However, the campaign is quite short, and you would have only scratched the surface of the game by the time you finish it. This means the game has a high replay value just that there is no reason to stick around when the story is complete.

Not perfect in any way but this is the best driving game this year.