Auto goes wheelie

Anand Mahindra tweeted a video which had an auto's punctured tyre being changed while it was moving.

By Author  |  Published: 3rd Jan 2019  8:48 pmUpdated: 4th Jan 2019  12:51 am
Anand Mahindra

Time is of the utmost importance and in today’s fast paced tech age, even more so. In what can be called a dangerous stunt pulled off by people in an yet unidentified location in India, an autodriver and his passengers pulled off changing a tyre while moving.

In a video tweeted by Anand Mahindra, one can see the auto moving only on two of its wheels, precariously balancing itself, just as a boy sitting inside starts removing the nuts and bolts of the tyre. The video appears to be a stunt as one can see another auto following it with the camera capturing the whole action and a boy ready with a spare tyre.

Dangerous for sure, Anand Mahindra was impressed by the antics of the boy and the autodriver and wrote, “No idea where this video was shot…But thanks to the friend who forwarded it because it’s a perfect way for me to communicate some New Year’s advice to my colleagues in our Group of companies: ‘Let’s keep time to stop..and change our tyres while on the go.”