Baby steps towards animal welfare

Lakshman Molleti, founder of AWBP, talks about his future plans for spreading love and compassion towards animals

By   |  Published: 30th Aug 2020  6:30 pmUpdated: 30th Aug 2020  4:59 pm

Life took a U-turn for Lakshman Molleti when he met Raju, a stray dog who he rescued and is taking care of till date. His plan of going abroad was soon thrown into a ‘water bowl’ and he started his journey towards saving the speechless ones. “I used to feed Raju on the roads and one day he met with an accident and got his limb fractured. I understood that he cannot survive on the roads and decided to adopt him. This brought a lot of positive change in my life. Soon, I found a three-week-old orphan puppy, rescued and fostered it for a few weeks. Both of them bonded well and so adopted her as well,” shares Lakshman who now has six pets at home.

Soon, Lakshman started Animal Welfare Bowl Project (AWBP) in 2017 in Hyderabad, to address the scarcity of fresh drinking water for animals in the city and make water available 24/7. “I came across different instances where animals were abused; they don’t find good food and water and drink contaminated water from gutters. These resulted in most of them suffering from several skin infections or other health issues and losing their life too. So I wanted to generate a project where people get more responsible towards stray animals in their locality and so AWBP was born,” shares Lakshman.

Lakshman and his team have successfully distributed around 3,500 water bowls across Telangana. Although these water bowls for animals are distributed for free, there are a few conditions that need to be followed by those who receive it. “People need to take complete responsibility of the water bowl. They have to replace fresh water in the bowl every day. Also, we ask them to send a video of animals drinking from the bowl every 15 days so we can also track the work and also upload in our social media platforms,” he informs.

Apart from Bowl Project, Lakshman and his team of 25 volunteers are now focused on engaging activities for different age groups to inspire them towards stray animal welfare. AWBP collaborates with corporate offices and schools across India to educate and connect humans to stray animals. “We want to introduce a new subject in schools where we teach students about compassion towards animals. We want to mainly focus on 6th, 7th and 8th standards so they understand more about animal welfare by the end of the 8-9 month curriculum,” shares Lakshman.

He and his team also look forward to building a bridge between corporate workers and school students. “As a part of CSR, we offer several corporate employees training about animal welfare and so they can teach at different schools once in a week. By this, we will have many volunteers and also inspire several age groups towards serving the speechless animals,” he adds.

Along with a lot of engaging activities like art contest and so on, AWBP has launched a first video song ‘Humans’, on animals on August 15. The song, launched by actors Arvind Krishna and Sada, is available in four lagu, Tamil, Kannada and Hindi. To listen to the song, log on to