Tips to get back to your fitness routine

Follow these simple tips to get back to your fitness routine without any trouble

By Author  |  Published: 9th Jan 2018  11:33 pmUpdated: 10th Jan 2018  1:30 am
Are you still recovering from a long holiday? It isn’t so easy to get back to the routine, but, at the same time, it is important as well. It is important to find your way back at your own pace. Adarsh Varma, fitness coach at F45 shares some tips to get back without causing any damage to the body.

Do not get demotivated

Fitness coach Adarsh Varma says that getting back to regular fitness regimen is not as difficult as it sounds. “But, one should be extremely careful as our body needs some time to fall on track,” he adds. Adarsh says that one should not get demotivated because of this. “One should be smart about it and keep in mind to not stress the muscles beyond a point,” he mentions. The trainer also shares that overdoing it might end up in a damage to the muscles.

Muscle memory

Adarsh says that not everyone knows about muscle memory, but it does exist in reality. “Your muscles remember how much weight your body can take,” he mentions. He says that the body might take at least 2-3 weeks to get back to form. “Muscle memory helps in many ways,” he adds. The fitness coach says that the muscle memory helps you understand your muscle power as well.

Proper regime

Adarsh shares that it is important to have a proper regimen. “One need not start from the scratch, but should always follow a regular routine,” he adds. He also says that one should keep in mind to start with fewer weights and gradually increase it. “This is called progressive overloading and it is important. But, one needs to stop when the body tells them to,” he adds.