Back to school: Get set, go

With a majority of the educational institutions set to reopen this week, the city is bustling with shopping and last-minute preparations 

By   |  Published: 9th Jun 2019  12:40 amUpdated: 9th Jun 2019  12:33 pm

Summer holidays are almost over and it’s now time to get back into that school routine. Of course, it’s the biggest heart breaker for school kids. No more getting up late or whiling away time in front of the TV.  Things like getting the sleep schedule on track so that it’ll be easier once school starts, double checking holiday homework, etc., already gets the students all worked up. On top of this, if they are switching schools, their nervousness will multiply tenfold.  At such times, as parents, it’s your responsibility to help your kid ease into it. Listed below are a few things that are sure to top your school time checklist:

Smart shopping

There is a list of supplies that the school sends that your child must have during school year. Start your shopping at least two weeks in advance so that you don’t take stress in the last minute. Listed below are a few common things that you will have to shop for at the beginning of every school year.

The minute we think of shopping for uniforms, the FD Khan franchise at Abids is the first place that comes to our mind. The place has successfully served children’s school needs for many generations and is like a one-stop shop for most of your back-to-school shopping.

While most schools prefer to conduct the sale of books at their premises, you can still purchase them at some of the popular book depos in the city. If your child is studying in SSC board, you are most likely to get the books from Telugu Academy or any of the popular book stores in Koti, and for those studying in CBSE or ICSE schools, any of the Himalaya Book store should be able to help you find your books. 

A routine that is both fun and exhausting is covering the notebooks and text books with ‘school approved covers’. After getting your kid to cut pieces of the tape, probably sticking them to their feet or the remote, finding unique labels, protecting the covers with a transparent sheet, etc., comes the most important step — putting them all under the mattress for ‘proper setting’.

When it comes to school shoes, Bata is the most popular brand we look to. Their popularity and demand is such that if you venture into any of the store’s outlets in the city, you are sure to find it full of young shoppers trying out their brand new shoes.

Attractive purchases

What parents may consider miscellaneous are, in fact, among the most important things for a school kid. These include school bags, trendy lunch boxes, unique pencil cases, cute and funky looking stationery and the list goes on…  no matter how old your kid is, they are sure to make you invest in these.

Special breakfast 

As the new academic year is about to begin, it is obvious that your child might be nervous about a lot of things – new friends, new challenges, new classroom, etc., and as exciting the first day sounds, it is also equally nerve-wracking.  Surprise your kid with a special breakfast on the first day of the school. It will not only ease their nerves but also gives them a psychological boost, and a full stomach will ensure a happy start of the day.

Pack smart 

It’s the first day back so, obviously, you will not be writing much nor will you be asked to bury your nose into text books. So, instead of carrying all of your books, think smart and pack light. One plain note book and stationery should be enough for the day (if you wish, you can pack just the textbooks of your core subjects). Plan in advance and put together pre-made kits like stationery kit, arts and crafts kit, highlighters and colours, etc., in your bag so that you don’t have to run around at the last minute.

Tasty snacks for the first day

  • Strawberry pasta salad
  • Veggie warps
  • Sesame chicken noodle salad
  • Peanut butter granola pinwheels
  • Mini peanut butter sandwich fruit stick
  • Mini pizza
  • Cheesy breadsticks

Ice breaker activities at school

  • Find a friend
  • Thanks for the compliment
  • Classroom scavenger hunt
  • Two truths and a lie
  • Six-word story