Baseer Ali, the rising daredevil of reality shows

Catching up with Baseer Ali, a Hyderabadi star performer of Roadies Rising and Splitsvilla X

By Author  |  Published: 11th Sep 2017  11:00 pmUpdated: 12th Sep 2017  12:55 am
Baseer Ali

Baseer AliKnown to be the most notorious and dominant kid in the classroom (not someone most of us would have befriended), Baseer Ali is having the time of his life. The young lad, who has recently turned 22, is from Hyderabad and is currently seen on MTV Splitsvilla X, a game of love — a reality TV show.

Earlier this year, Baseer was also the only contestant from Hyderabad to make it to the Roadies Rising, which is also a popular youth-based reality TV show. Though Baseer couldn’t beat Shweta Mehta in the final of MTV’s Roadies Rising, he went on to win many hearts. Baseer will also be seen in Squadrann, an adventure web series created by Rannvijay Singha.

Going back to the beginning

Born and brought up in Hyderabad, Baseer says, “I was a notorious and dominant kid. It was only when I went to Ivy League Academy that I finally got disciplined.” He gives the credit to the school and friends he met there. A graduate of St Mary’s College, he is planning to pursue further studies once he gets his break. “I like skating, gaming, playing sport and, basically, just chilling,” says Baseer, followed by peals of laughter.

So far so good, reality shows

“It was a complete shocker when I got a call from MTV Roadies. I actually thought it was a prank from someone and cut the call,” says Baseer. Though he was young and did not look like someone who would turn out to be a tough contender, Baseer was a star performer. “Roadies Rising was a great experience. I can testify that it is 100 per cent real. It puts you through various challenges — mentally and physically,” he says. He also shares that he was asked to do push-ups during his audition and he impressed the judges by doing a total of 95. “But, unfortunately, it wasn’t aired,” he adds.

Baseer Ali“I am here on Splitsvilla X just for the game, make a comeback as the people’s champ and earn respect,” says Baseer on why he joined Splitsvilla X. Though he has been brewing his connection with Naina Singh, “initially, the other contestants would tease Steffi Cyrill and me because we both had bunny teeth,” says Baseer.

The ‘proud-to-be-a-Hyderabadi’ boy says that he wants to be a VJ, but is not keen on acting simply because he is too comfortable being himself and cannot portray to be someone else. In addition, he says, “If anyone out there wants to be a Roadie, the most important thing is to be who you are.”

With 2.8 lakh-plus followers on Instagram and 14,000 on Facebook, he sure has a good number of fans and well-wishers. And indeed, it’s just the beginning for this young Hyderabadi lad.